Ravioli Bake

So here is a picture tutorial of the Raviolis Bake we made for dinner today! I LOVE how simple, fast, and really a "no-Brainer" this dish is to make...I am kinds laughing that I am posting this picture "play-by-play" but I know how busy we are as mommies and want to reiterate that this dish is a must have recipe for days, months, and years to come...it's lasagna in a flash! You can use any raviolis not just cheese ones, you can use meat, spinach, etc. Homemade frozen ones, homemade sauce, etc. The door is wide open on the endless ways you can make this recipe your own.  The original recipe from Kraft is linked  below, but I compromised on a few things, making fit my day...and my pantry! LOL!

Ravioli Bake:
1/2 pkg of Costco Cheese Ravioli
1 can of Stewed tomatoes cut up
1 cup water
3-4 cups mozzarella cheese
as much Parmesan as you like
1 Jar pasta sauce
1. Mix water, stewed tomatoes, and pasta sauce. Place some first in pyrex.
 2. Layer Ravioli
3. Layer Cheese
 4. Repeat

5. Bake at 400 for 30 mins uncovered and when done top off with Parmesan cheese and eat!


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