Talented Tuesday...featuring MOMS!

Good morning everyone! I would like to introduce to you a mom who has started a business with her sewing abilities! I LOVE all of her work and her designs are getting noticed everywhere!!! She even has a line at our local boutique, Ever After! Please welcome Khrysten Kent of Khrysten Kent Collection. 

I started making burp cloths about 5 years ago. At the time it was the only item I made. The concept came from my desire to have something nice to pull out my diaper bag that was functional but also attractive. So I used a cloth diaper (functional), and I sewed a soft piece of fabric down the center and trimmed it will ribbon (attractive) and Viola! The first Khrysten Kent Collection item was born!

I did my first show and my line was picked up by Mommy Matters in Fresno. I approached Desi Howard the owner of Ever After in Fresno and she picked my line up also. From there people started asking if I could make baby blankets, lovies, nursing covers, cribbing and custom bedding. That was what made the product line grow into what it is today.

What inspires me most when creating new products is fashion. I study color and trends and see what is coming out and from there decide on what I will bring into my product line and what will go.
Balancing my family, my kids schedule and making sure that my husband and each of my 4 children have what they need is always in a constant state of reinvention. What works this week, may not next. I keep God and family first, the business comes after. I don’t have to do this business but it is my creative outlet and I love it.

Some of my favorite pieces that I have created are the big girl blankets. They are new this year and they are more edgy and fun than a traditional baby blanket. I also love the new toile line the “Bebe Fille” and “Bebe Garcon.” My very favorite things though are the single custom items, cribbing and bedding that are specifically designed for a given space and person.

I hope that my business will grow and flourish into a major product line at some point in the future but not at my family’s expense. Once my youngest is in school full time I will look at doing more marketing but for now my website and word of mouth is great.

Keep your eyes out for more big kid blankets I need to create something for the boys too!!!I am in the process of redoing my website so keep and eye for that too.
 www.khrystenkentcollection.com and follow her on facebook at Khrysten Kent Collection


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