The Fig

The other day I had a free moment-yes a free moment with one child, not four, and simply nothing to do but be together and enjoy our moment. So I walked over to Sierra Nut House...a place we used to visit often with my mom. She always believed in eating whole, and pure, and healthy! So Sierra Nut House-one of it's earlier  locations on Bullard and Palm-was our treat store (much like The Dollar Store is to our kids) where we could get whatever we wanted! I thought Athena would thoroughly enjoy our moment as I did many years ago with my mom. Sadly, she only wanted the Easter chocolate they had by the register! I however went straight to where I always went as a child, the Fig Bars. These aren't your typical Fig Newton cookie you might be familiar with, it's a whole new world! Thick layer of whole wheat goodness and filled with raw, natural, Fig...ahh!  And when I bite into these bars I am taken back to that store on Bullard and Palm, where the world was right and everything in it was beautiful and the only worry I had was how many more Fig Bars could I have that night! And as I bit into one that day, I was thinking of the cabinet in my parent's house and how it was always filled with these whole wheat Fig Bars and whenever my friends came over, they would desperately hope for anything BUT those bars; all my friends, except my Anna-Banana that is! The minute she walked in our house that was the place she went to first. The cabinet with the goods! Ahhh...a tradition I will hold dear for years to come! Good night all!


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