Birthday Party Friday

Do I have a treat for you today! I get to share with you a carnival party...I just love carnival parties. Lots of people do them because you can do so much with this theme and keep children entertained for hours! I just love all the bright colors and the fun games that can happen in a carnival setting! Take a look on how Lisa created and put together her carnival party birthday party. She enlisted help from her friend, Michelle, who also had done a carnival party in the past for her daughter. Love when you find a friend with ideas and materials to help out with your party! Recycling themes us a great way to save money as well!!! Lisa wanted to give full credit to Michelle for her ideas and letting her use them! Great job!

 Centerpieces - found all of these things a the Dollar Store except the lollipops.

The carnival games mostly game from Oriental Trading Company.  Can't even make them for the price I paid!  The balloon pop game (not pictured) was a hit too.  I put tiny papers with numbers on them inside balloons and the kids had to pop the balloon to see how many tickets they won.  Even the little kids liked this!  We used small waterballoons for this... minus the water. :)

"The photo booth - also Michelle's idea.  Super simple and great pics to send along with the thank you's"

"Goddie Bags - Dollar Store.  Nothing but a few stickers inside but the kids put their items from the prize table in them to take home."

The cake! Lisa made it too!!! This was all your cake!!!!

Food Table-Fabric covered boxes; fabric was from Michelle and so was the idea.

The Hit the Target game was just ZooPal plates taped to a window and we used nerf dart guns to hit them.  They won the number of tickets printed on the plate they hit.  

Prize Table - Everything was either ordered from Oriental Trading Co. or from the Dollar Store, even the tickets were from the dollar store.


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