Birthday Party Friday

Rainbow Birthday! Love this birthday party, again from Jessica, the one who did that cute Board Game Birthday party. I love her parties because they turn out so cute, and the budget is friendly and happy for all!!! Take a look and become inspired from this cute party filled with color! Enjoy and Happy Party Friday!!!!
Birthday Girl

We had fruit cups and rainbow jello with a little cloud of cool whip on top.

I used ribbon in each color of the rainbow and attached them to a piece of felt to create a rainbow ribbon runner for the table.

It was such a fun party to plan for. I made a balloon arch for behind the snack table.

Mom made the invites, I just don't have a good picture, but you can tell these were cute!

We had fruit cups and rainbow jello with a little cloud of cool whip on top. We also had rice krispy treats with rainbow colored flags. I set up a table in the backyard with rainbow coloring pages beads in each rainbow color to make jewelry. I used a fun little story about Rainbow Princesses who's job was to make sure the rainbow shone brightly for all the people on land. One day while the princesses were painting their toes, a mean storm cloud came and stole all the colors out of the rainbow. The princesses had to follow the clues to find each color of the rainbow that was hidden in the backyard. We also had a rainbow pinata.

The cake was also a huge hit! It tasted great with lemon frosting and looked fantastic. It was a great day!

The snack table was filled with fruit loops and skittles separated in each color of the rainbow.


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